Family Dispute Resolution - Mediation on the Mid North Coast

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A relationship breakdown can be hard to manage without help, particularly when children are involved. Sometimes going to court is necessary, but a long court battle may be expensive in time and money. The higher, hidden price can be the long-term emotional costs for everyone involved - parents, children, grandparents and extended family.

Engage Conflict Consulting: Cecilia Lenagh offers family dispute resolution services on an affordable fee-paying basis. Contact Cecilia for further information.

The Australian Government funds services to provide parents with a low cost alternative to adversarial court proceedings. If you are a separated parent, or contemplating separation, there are some publicly funded services available to assist you in making parenting arrangements for your children. 

Click here for link to Interrelate Family Centres and Family Relationship Centres information. Alernatively, call Taree Family Relationship Centre, 02 6551 1200

Mediation in separation or divorce - parenting agreements; parenting plans; family dispute resolution

In 2008 Cecilia registered with the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. In 2009 Cecilia completed basic and advanced training in the collaborative law model of family dispute resolution.

In collaborative law, the separated parents' lawyers and a registered family dispute resolution practitioner combine their services to provide a new approach to family dispute resolution. To avoid conflict of interest, both parents and their lawyers contract that if the matter is subsequently litigated, the lawyers involved cannot represent either party in the Family Court.

If you are interested in collaborative law, or other forms of family dispute resolution or mediation, please contact Cecilia for further information on terms and conditions. Click on the link below to email Cecilia:

Click here to contact Cecilia.

Click here to read an article by Cecilia on shared parenting

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